First, a moment of inspiration.

Design Inspiration

Design Factor is a design firm based in Reno / Sparks, Nevada just down from beautiful Lake Tahoe. The focus here is strong design and branding that carries out in all things a business or organization stands for. Inspiration provided by nature.


Not everyone is built to boast, brag and talk about how great they are (whew). Most who are great are focused on being great and doing great things. That takes effort. This is where Design Factor comes in, showing and telling the world how amazing your company, organization, product, or event really is.


Each client is different. One thing that is similar though, is the need for expression. To show who they really are inside, and how that differs from the others. Some of our most valuable skills or attributes are often times buried within. Design Factor helps unearth these core elements.


Our clients have ranged from local businesses and non-profits to international corporations. We help those who serve the less fortunate in our community, doctors who help us do things better and stay well, as well as those who provide products and services to some of the top companies on the planet, which we are consequently unable to mention.

It's hard promoting yourself.

A tough question about self promotion

How would you like to be seen?

A : …As a person wearing a jumpsuit with large colorful polka dots, bolting into a quiet room, honking their red stick-on nose, banging a drum, clashing symbols, and promptly interrupting meals with a squeaky baloon girraffe formed live just inches from a guest’s dinner plate.

B : …As a person who grabs the attention of the room by simply entering.

If you said A, well, that’s a clown, and yes, clowns are people too, and don’t seem to have issues with coming across that way.

If you said B, we’d like to help you stand out in your space by showing everone how naturally amazing you are.

Looking to naturally light up the room?


Looking for clowns? Brace yourself.


"Him that makes shoes go barefoot himself"

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