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First, a moment of inspiration.

Design Inspiration

Design Factor is a design firm based in Reno / Sparks, Nevada just down from beautiful Lake Tahoe. The focus here is strong design and branding that carries out in all things a business or organization stands for. Inspiration provided by nature.


Not everyone is built to boast, brag and talk about how great they are, thank goodness. Most who are great are focused on being great and doing great things. That takes effort. This is where we come in. We help show and tell the world, who may not have heard, what you’ve got to offer… And we do so appropriately.


Each client has a different story. One thing that seems to stay the same is the need to tell that story in ways people understand. Our process involves reaching within to discover things about our clients that they may take for granted, or not think about sharing, which can reveal some of the greatest attributes their brand can offer. A reason to stand out. A reason to be noticed.


Our clients have ranged from local businesses and non-profits to national corporations and then some. We help those who serve the less fortunate in our community, doctors who help us do things better and stay well, as well as those who provide integral products and services to some of the top companies on the planet, which we are consequently unable to mention.

It's hard promoting yourself.

Branding is communication.

Let’s say your brand is a person.
Now how would that person like to come across?

A : Bolting into the room, bright polka dotted jumpsuit, red foam ball stick-on nose, busting out squeaky balloon giraffes.

B : Dignified, noticed and understood, commanding a strong, clear presence with seemingly little effort.

So what are you saying?

If the brand is that of a Professional Clown Syndicate, well then A is most appropriate of course. If not, then perhaps B would be the best fit.

How a brand is displayed, from design through message and imagery, even user experience where fitting, tells more than you may think about what to expect. You see it’s not always about the volume of the message, it’s more often about its quality content and clarity, and how that resonates with the intended audience.

Let’s put it this way, we’ve all heard bad music at loud volumes, and the louder it is, the less of it you want to hear.

If they aren’t listening, maybe it’s time to change our tune.

Looking for new faces to grow the clown sydicate?

Looking to define that brand for what it really is?

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"Him that makes shoes go barefoot himself"

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